THR #007
Released: 8/07
1st press: 500 Red (limited to one pressing)

Reaction/ Neverending Party - split 7" $5.00

The Reaction /
Neverending Party
split 7"


The Reaction
1. Unbelievable
2. Stitches

Neverending Party
1.Can't Give You a Thing
2. Alice

.............................................................. Two of the best new Bay Area punk bands to come out in the year or two. This 7" features the first 2 songs written by each band. The Reaction, featuring Wade from 50 Million and Will from Wildlife, have a straight-up rock n roll with a 60s mod influence style to them. While Neverending Party's sound is comparable to Replacements and Husker Du. Limited to 500 pressing, all on beautiful Red vinyl.

Give Me Back #3
I just want to start this off by saying that Wade Driver from the Reaction has one of my all-time favorite singing voices; whiskey strained and sickeningly sweet. The music of the Reaction has a loose, mid tempo, late 90's Mission District feel to it, not unlike Shotwell or the poppier side of 50 Million. Even though this 3 piece is really reminiscent of Wade's old bands (more like Corduroy than 50 Million or Attic Ted), I'm not complaining because he's a consistently great songwriter. I think they could have come up with a stronger release though and I'm really looking forward to what the future holds for this band. Fuck yeah. Neverending Party corrals all of your favorite members of Bent Outta Shape, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children Macnuggits, Before the Fall, and Six Pack Four and puts them all in the same band! For the uninitiated, Corbett's voice will probably throw off the punks, because it's sorta bombastic and over the top...kind of like when you were 13 and heard Jello Biafra sing for the first time. Corbett is a really good singer, he sings on keyand shit. It's awesome, actually. The music is straight forward and punk as fuck in a jangly good pop way. This sounds like the perfect band to see at 1 am while drunk and dancing with a basement (living room, walk in closet, ect) full of friends. Entirely recommended.

The Reaction: The fact that it sounded like they funneled the recording through a six-foot piece of PVC tubing didn't really help them to elicit any reaction whatsoever. Neverending Party: Both songs reminded me a little of the Dicks, which is always a good thing. Loud, raw-but not Marshall-laden-guitars, strong tempos, and they know not to overstay their welcome. Neverending Party win this round. (Jimmy Alvarado)