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Feb 21st, 2013
2 New Releases OUT NOW!
BY ANY MEANS - Bay Area Punk in 2013 compilation tape Onion Flavored Rings
BY ANY MEANS - Bay Area Punk in 2013 compilation tape
Only $6.00 and free postage (within the US)

The Bay Area has one of the most vibrant and amazing punk scenes in the entire world. Many of the most amazing bands only last long enough to play a handfull of shows, while others continue to blow our minds month after month, year after year. This compilation tape was made to showcase some of the best punk happening right now in the bay (at the dawn of 2013). 21 band compilation includes tracks by NO STATIK, NEON PISS, COMADRE, STREET EATERS, PERMANENT RUIN, HUNTING PARTY, REPLICA, SYNTHETIC ID, SOURPATCH, APOGEE SOUND CLUB, INDEX, TRUE MUTANTS, BIOLENT CHANGE, C'EST DOMMAGE, COLD CIRCUITS, SAINT LORENA, DAIKON, ENDEMICS, NEW FLESH, HUFF STUFF MAGAZINE, and NASTY CHRISTMAS . Insert includes essays written by Robert of NO STATIK, Greg of NEON PISS and Peter of C'EST DOMMAGE.

Also now available
SHELLSHAG / APOGEE SOUND CLUB - split 7" Onion Flavored Rings
Only $6.00 and free postage (within the US)

OUT NOW - Thrillhouse Records has released a split 7" featuring local favorites APOGEE SOUND CLUB (ex-Reation) and New York's SHELLSHAG. Wade (of APOGEE SOUND CLUB) and Shell (of SHELLSHAG) are brothers and played together in the now infamous Mission district punk band 50 MILLION. This is their first time sharing a record since they shared a band, so you can imagine this record is not a project either is taking lightly. Both bands have put forth 3 of thier better songs, to make this split something genuine and crucial.

Aug 27th, 2012
Thrillhouse Records is super excited to announce, that after a small hiatus in activity, our label is working on new projects again. The first of several records in the works is HARD FEELINGS - Self Titled 7" (pictured below). The band hails from Duluth MN, but many of you locals here will know their drummer Mike Wilson from his several month stay in the bay lately, and his time playing with SHOTWELL. Ha. But really, HARD FEELINGS are an amazing band and this (their debut record) is timeless. You can tell they draw a lot of inspiration from Bay Area bands of the past, from CRIMPSHRINE to HICKEY, but their sound is all their own (I know, what a cliche, gawd!) Cover art done by Mikey from Mission Mini Comix! Seriously, this rules, this rules, this RULES!!!

HARD FEELING - SELF TITLED 7" Onion Flavored Rings
Only $5.50 Postage Paid (within the US)

And secondly, we have a new record out by San Francisco's APOGEE SOUND CLUB. It's the newest project by ex-members of the cow-punk pioneers THE HICKOIDS and 90’s Mission punk favorites 50 MILLION. Their aggressive, angular attack and radical politics is a departure from the more straight forward rock of songwriting duo Liz and Wade's previous project, THE REACTION. The four song record comes with an eight page comic/lyric booklet from the folks at Mission Mini Comix.

APOGEE SOUND CLUB - Belligerent 7"

Only $5.50 Postage Paid (within the US)

In the future Thrillhouse Records will also be releasing a split 7" with SHELLSHAG & APOGEE SOUND CLUB, aswell as a new SHOTWELL record. All very exciting. More details to come. Watch out!!!

June 14th, 2012
Our Friend Anders needs your help!

A really close friend of ours Anders was severally injured in a motorcycle accident on June 1st. To our great relief, he is more than likely going to survive but the medical bills are going to be out of control. It can't be stated how awesome this guy is. In addition to being my own personal oldest friend, he has also contributed more to creating "Thrillhouse" than almost anyone. When we were still in the planning stage he was both, chief "architect" of Thrillhouse and the "construction foreman." In real life he is neither of those things, but thanks to him the shop has neither collapsed or caught on fire (although we've had some close calls). He's in General right now with a broken spine, jaw, and all kinds of other stuff that needs fixing. A website has been set up for him, with pictures, details about his accident and current state. Plus all kinds of other stuff click here to check it out. And if you by any chance have a few extra dollars you can spare, it would be SOOOOOO greatly appreciated. There is a place to donate on the site. He really has given a lot of himself to help us over the past years. If any of us are in the finacial place where we can return the favor even a little bit, please do.

On a lighter side of things Thrillhouse recently won an award for "Best Volunteer Run Punk Record Store" in the SF Weekly. It was in their printed weekly and on the web, if you wanna look at it click here. I mean sure, there wasn't a lot of competition in this catagory, but whatever, its still cool to be the best, right?

April 8th, 2012
We got more t-shirts in! Only $6 each

We also made them available to buy on this website under our "Distro" tab. Sizes Youth Large to X-Large.

Feb 6th, 2012
Alright! First update in 9 months! We got all kinds of new stuff to report. First off our yearly "Winter Formal" is just around the corner. Saturday Feb 11th, and we'll have TOYS THAT KILL, ROBOCOP 3 (last show), JUS FOLKS, THE FLOORMATES (Replacements cover band), and W.C. VON DER BERC'S GOTHIC CABARET. Plus more, dance party and suprises. Dressing up is mandatory!!! At the store, 7pm. See you there!

In other news we just got a new batch of Thrillhouse shirsts, in all sizes from Youth Large to XXL. Maybe we'll post a picture soon. Or a way to buy them over the internet. If you want one and we don't have a link yet, email us, they're only $6.

We added a cassette deck to our listening station where you can make your own mix tapes. Just bring your own tapes and you can record any thing you want. Don't even gotta give us any money. We're serious, we don't care. But, if you do deciede to come over and make a mix tape without buying anything it is very good form to bring an extra beer for the volunteer. Not neccessary, just nice.

It is true, we got robbed last week, but everything is gonna be alright. We have a benefit put together and GRASS WIDOW, CULTURE KIDS, VIOLENT CHANGE and PERMENANT RUIN are all playing. That is tonight so if you're reading it, its probably too late. We did it all way last minute, emergancy style. But all these bands rule and really came through for us in a last minute pinch.

We have repressed the SURRENDER - Paper Thrones LP. This is the last pressing and its only of 300 copies. So if you slept on this record the last time around, this is your chance. Lots of some new releases in the works, we'll let you know when they get closer to the final stages.

Lastly, it's obvious we don't update this page too often. If you wanna be totally up to date with all the Thrillhouse happenings, we have an email list. Around once a month we'll send out an email with everything thats new and all the shows. To get on the list send us an email at : and we'll put you on.

May 23rd, 2011
Dang its been a long time since we updated this news section. I wish I could make some comment about being too punk for the internet, but too lazy/overworked is more like it. By the way, if you really want to know the latest news of whats going on at Thrillhouse, we do an email list. Around once a month we send out mass emails with show info and other dumb stuff. You should jump on this thing. Just send us an email at : and we'll put you on.

We do however have some exciting stuff coming up. Agatha, My Parade, American Splits and Mugwort on June 4th. Also starting in June we will have a zine library! It's the old Epicenter zine library, and it is far too large to fit into our place. So every month we are going to pick out a theme like "straight edge skater zines," or "international vegan D-beat zines" and feature them in the store. Side note, look out for a free book box, we're going to be getting rid of a lot of our current "library". What else....we have a new t-shirt design. Maybe we'll find a picture and post it in the future. Oh and LIVID is recording a record that Thrillhouse will be putting out this summer. Lookout for that. Shit is ruling! And last (and probably least) we have free arcade machine at Thrillhouse now (which is currently broken, but will be fixed soon). If you know Tosh, bug him to help fix it. Help us Tosh!!!!!

July 19th, 2010
SAN FRANCISCO'S DOOMED 2010 Aug 11th-15th
Yep, we're doing it again. Another year, another crazy weekend of too many shows, and baseball. Super stoked for what we got going this year. By the way we need help! Anyone know where we can do a show Wednesday Aug 11th? We got double booked and kicked out. Bummer. Anyway, check it out...

Thursday Aug 12th
@ Thee Parkside
1600 17th Street, San Francisco CA
8pm ALL AGES $5

-50 Million
-Thee Headliners
-Street Eaters
-Dirty Marquee

Friday Aug 13th
@ Thrillhouse -instore

-Sick Sick Birds

Saturday Aug 14th
@ Thee Parkside
1600 17th Street, San Francisco CA
8pm $5

-Toys That Kill
-Kung Fu USA
-Songs For Moms
-Frozen Embryos

Sunday Aug 15th
@ Jackson Field
(that baseball field across from Parkside)

-sandlot baseball game at 3pm, everyone encouraged to come out and play baseball,

Sunday Aug 15th
@ Thee Parkside
1600 17th Street, San Francisco CA
8pm ALL AGES $5

-Fugitive Kind

See you there

April 20th, 2010
So as many of ya'll have noticed we haven't had any new records coming out for a while now. For the most part because we've been spending most of our time concentrating on running the record store, and planning "FUGITIVE KIND" tour. FUGITIVE KIND is a new band that 3 long time Thrillhouse folks (Fred, Zoe and Dooley) along with Julia and Emily are in. Shit is pretty cool. After tour, and San Francisco's Doomed 2010, we'll be putting our nose back to the grindstone, putting out lots of cool records. In the meantime, come out and hangout with us while we're on tour. Get in touch if you want more information about any of these shows or want a demo tape
Oh, and the record store will totally be open while we're gone

May-26 Reno
May-27 Salt Lake City
May-28 Denver
May-29 Kanas City
May-30 Tulsa
May-31 Little Rock
June-1 New Orleans
June-2 Pensacola
June-3 Gainesville
June-4 Athens
June-5 Chattanooga (Do Ya Hear We Fest!)
June-6 Chattanooga (Do Ya Hear We Fest!)
June-7 Washington DC
June-8 Baltimore
June-9 Philadelphia
June-10 New York
June-11 New York
June-12 Pittsburgh
June-13 Columbus
June-14 Chicago
June-15 Milwaukee
June-16 Minneapolis
June-17 Minneapolis
June-18 Duluth
June-19 Minot,ND
June-20 Billings
June-21 Missoula
June-22 Seattle
June-23 Olympia
June-24 Portland

Oct 3rd, 2009

Available Now!!!

Onion Flavored Rings

5 song EP featuring OFRs last songs. It was a sad day to learn that the ONION FLAVORED RINGS folks were all moving to different citys (Aside from Steve who's staying put). And thus the creative output will now be on hiatus. But before spliting ways, the fellows made it to the recording studio one last time to record the new songs they had been working on. And let me tell you, they are brilliant. Just exactly what you'd expect for these guys; melodic and slightly dark pop songs that are totally catchy. If you dug thier last EP you'll love this one. Seriously good stuff here. They will also be going on an East Coast tour starting at the end of the month, check it out if you live out that way.

July 21st, 2009

August 12th-16th

For those of you who haven't heard yet, Thrillhouse Records in coordination with Maximum Rock n Roll are throwing a 5 day long punk fest in San Francisco. We've got tons of shows all weekend long, and the fest is getting headlined by the one and only CRIME, coming out of retirement to play the final show of the fest. Other bands booked include: 50 Million, The Bananas, Underground Railroad to Candyland, Conquest For Death, Shellshag, RVIVR, Screaming Females, and a ton more. This shit is going to be amazing! Remember "Thrillfest" from last year? Well this is going to blow it out of the water. Actully this is going to destory the city!
Click here for the "San Francisco's Doomed myspace page. That will have the most up to date information. Otherwise this is what we have as of right now....

Wednesday Aug 12th
@ Balazo (Aka Submission Gallery)
2183 Mission Street (between 17th and 18th) San Francisco
8pm ALL AGES $5

-Younger Lovers
-Rank Xerox
-Robocop 3
-Fugitive Kind
-Celine Dion
-Year One

Thursday Aug 13th
@ The Knockout
3223 Mission St (cross street Valencia) San Francisco, CA
8pm 21+ $5

-Skin Like Iron
-Young Offenders
-Never Healed
-Airfix Kits
-Dirty Cupcakes

Thursday Aug 13th
@ Balazo (Aka Submission Gallery)
2183 Mission Street (between 17th and 18th) San Francisco
8pm ALL AGES $5

-Parasites go! (Last Show Ever)
-Yankee Kamikaze
-Mutoid men

Thursday Aug 13th
@ Thee Parkside
1600 17th Street, San Francisco CA
8pm ALL AGES $5

-Trainwreck Riders
-Fucking Buckaroos
-Prettyboy Thorson and the Falling Angels

Friday Aug 14th
@ Balazo (Aka Submission Gallery)
2183 Mission Street (between 17th and 18th) San Francisco
8pm ALL AGES $5

-Underground Railroad to Candyland
-Love Songs
-Pretty Boy Thorson and the Falling Angels

Friday Aug 14th
@ Kimo's
1351 Polk St, San Francisco CA
8pm 21+ $5

-Danger Stranger
-and suprise special guest

Friday Aug 14th
@ Thee Parkside
1600 17th Street, San Francisco CA
8pm ALL AGES $5

-Conquest for Death

Saturday Aug 15th
@ 29th Street House
84 29th Street, San Francisco CA
2pm (early show) all ages $5

-Here Comes a Big Black Cloud
-Stoned at Heart
-and more

Saturday Aug 15th
@ Thee Parkside
1600 17th Street, San Francisco CA
8pm ALL AGES $5

-50 Million
-Screaming Females
-Kreamy Lectric Santa

Saturday Aug 15th
@ Balazo (Aka Submission Gallery)
2183 Mission Street (between 17th and 18th) San Francisco
8pm ALL AGES $5

666 Hell on earth
show presented by 625 records, Deep Six records, and Six weeks records
-ALL bands are suprise secret bands - gauretted madness!!!

Sunday Aug 16th
@ Jackson Field
(that baseball field across from Parkside)

-sandlot baseball game, everyone encouraged to come out and play baseball,

Sunday Aug 16th
@ Balazo (Aka Submission Gallery)
2183 Mission Street (between 17th and 18th) San Francisco
8pm ALL AGES $7

-Wild Thing
-Lou Lou and the Guitarfish

See you there

July 6th, 2009

Available Now!

SONGS FOR MOMS - "I Used To Belive In the West"LP
Onion Flavored Rings
SONGS FOR MOMS - "I Used To Belive In the West"LP
$9.00 (postage paid)
We finally have the LP in and we all couldn't be more excited. This shit is amazing, its 3 ladies creating an incredibly tuneful sound that feels like a combination of Loretta Lynn and Patti Smith. Over laying rock, punk and country; they cross back and forth between bittersweet melodies and aggressive displays of anger and hatred, yet always staying poetic and beautiful. This is SONGS FOR MOM's second LP (the first one put out by the great folks over at Starcleaner Records). We'll be having a record release show here in the bay area real soon (more details to come) then the ladies will be hitting the road and touring the entire US this summer after they're done organizing and running the Bay Area's GIRLS ROCK CAMP.

May 20th, 2009
Thrillhouse wins "BEST PUNK RECORD STORE" in SF Weekly
Onion Flavored Rings

What a cool thing! Huh? But don't worry, we're not going to hang up one of those cheesy "Best of the Bay" framed pictures in the store. Well, actully we could put it in the bathroom. At least that way we could cover a small amount of the dumb ass graffiti ya'll write on our walls. Maybe we could have a contest and see how long it takes before someone draws a penis on the cover. Yikes! But truth be told, we're flattered, and a little confused. We're not really used to getting much attention, from anyone.

And because the Weekly put down a link to this webpage, I'm sure there must be alot of first time visitors to the site. So it'd probably be good to clear up a few things. This website is meant to represent both the store we have on Mission street and the record label we run out of the same building. And as it turns out most of this website is dedicated to the record label. Thats because you can actully come in and visit the store, you don't need the internet for that. So come on over and drop by! But if you're visiting this website to get some information about the store, here's some things to know...

-We're a not-for-profit record store

-Most, but not all, records in the store are what most would consider "punk"

-The majority of our records are vinyl, but we do have some CDs, tapes and some zines. Buy your MRR's here!

-We're CASH only, don't take credit cards, cause fuck man, we don't need to be giving those credit card company fools our money!

-We try really hard to support local music

-We only buy records through independent distributors. And we never buy Major Label. We are working to support our community, not rich white dudes with corprate intrests.

-We're all volunteer run. So if you stop by and the stores locked up...sorry about that. Bare with us, the person working that shift is probably on tour, studying for a test, or too high to remember which day of the week it is

Hope to see ya'll soon!

Feb 28th, 2009
Onion Flavored Rings
Sexy - Por Vida LP $8.00 (postage paid!)
Well After a long delay the Sexy - Por Vida LP is finally here! Can't tell you how excited I am for this one. This record is totally classic and has spent a lot of time on my record player since it originally came out a few years ago. For those of you not familar with the story; this record originally came out on Onion Flavored Records years ago, but due to a pressing (or mastering) defect many of the records were unlistenable. It quickly went out of print and it was decided that if it were to be repressed they needed to fix the problem. Long story short the problem was not fixed and the record only resurfaced in the CD format thanks to the good folks at Plan it X. But now the record has been remastered and is available again on vinly! I love this record; best record to come out in the last 10 years. No joke.

Nov 4th, 2008
After several months of being out of stock, we finally have more HEY GIRL - Spill Your Guts LPs in print! Also we're in the middle of screen printing albums Sexy - Por Vida LP covers, so those should be done soon.

Oct 4th, 2008
Onion Flavored Rings
With a lot of excitement I'm happy to say that the SURRENDER full lenght LPs are finally finished and ready to ship out. For a few years now (when not on tour) they have been playing shows around the Bay Area and continously blowing my mind. If you've heard their 7"s you know how amazing they are. Total throwback to 80's English peace punk with a slight hint of riot grrrl. But yet totally original. Very political, rocking, smart and beautiful all at the same time. This is a totally amazing record, I'm so stoked on it.

In other news, we have some really cool records coming out soon. Right now we're in the process of finishing a re-press of the SEXY - Por Vida LP. It should be done in time for the SEXY shows in the Bay Area coming up here. No dates set yet, but check back soon, we'll have them listed. And after that we are in the begining stages of laying out a Bay Area compilation LP. Don't have much I can say for certain about it just yet, but expect great things.

Aug 9th, 2008
Onion Flavored Rings

Well after a slight delay, the Black Rainbow 7" is finally here! Not only is the 7" fucking killer, but it comes with a 28 page zine created by the band. Hows that for an insert?! But yeah its available to order here on the website and if you want to listen to a song off of the record we have a song on the Black Rainbow band page. Check it out!

July 20th, 2008
Got a lot of exciting news to write about this time. We finally got in the Black Rainbow test pressings last week and it sounds amazing. We have them being pressed right now and it is going to be available for order on the website and at the record store onAug 1st!!! Its going to be great; 3 song 7" that comes with a 20 page zine. Look on their band page on this website to hear a song by them if you're not familar with them yet. Aside from that we're still working on the Surrender LP and the Sexy - Por Vida LP, expect those in the next few months. And lastly we have a pretty solid schedule for this year's Thrillfest. Check out the Thrillfest myspace for full and up to date listings of all the shows and events. See you there!

June 6th, 2008
Just a couple quick things to report. First off, we're still hard away at planning Thrillfest 08, and it's shaping up to look like a pretty kick ass fest. Its going to August 20th-24th in San Francisco. As of now we have a lot of bands confirmed, and we're still waiting to hear back from a lot more. Among those confirmed are: Toys That Kill, Tiltwheel, Four Eyes, Dan Padilla, Tulsa, Surrender, Underground Railroad To Candyland, Shotwell, Robocop 3, Reaction, Off With Their Heads, and many more. We are also planning on having several pick-up baseball games during the daytime of the fest, so bring your baseball gloves. I'll have more details coming real soon. Aside from fest planning we're really excited about the next two albums we currently have in the works for this summer. The first one being a BLACK RAINBOW 7" I've mentioned before. That project is at the pressing plant right now, so expect it sooner than later. The other record we're working on right now is the SURRENDER LP. Fucking amazing peace punk from the Bay Area. Its gonna be great. And lastly, we're nearing completion on our distro catalog. Check it out if you haven't already, hundreds of vinyl and CDs available to order.

April 22nd, 2008
Lots of cool new stuff to report. As of today we now have the Onion Flavored Rings - Perfect Evolution 7" back in print for the last time. This round of 500 are all handed screened by yours truely. After this we're washing the screens and breaking the mold so get them while you can. Talking about hand screen printed albums... the Dory Tourette 6 color LP are finally done. Limited to 300, minus the 30 or 40 I fucked up real bad on. First 100 are on white vinyl. This one will also have an insert and coloring page. There are still 3 copies of the first pressing (wheatpasted cover art) you order in the next few days please indicate which version you'd like. Thirdly I'd like to mention the exciting news that the next project we're going to do (Thrillhouse #11) will be a Black Rainbow 7". Real stoked on this! The recording will be masted in a week or two so expect to see this one out some time around the start of summer. And last but not least we just started doing an online distro. Its still in works but check it out under the distro icon on this webpage. Rock!

March 20th, 2008
Shotwell - Patriot LP/CD Available April 4th!!!!
Onion Flavored Rings
Well, its almost completly done. The long awaited Shotwell - Patriot LP/CD is finally here. After several years in the making this 19 song epic full length album has finally been properly released in it’s entirety. If you got a tape or burned CD of Shotwell’s Patriot a year or two back, that was only about half of the album. Now its finally all together, mastered and featuring some fucking amazing artwork. Not everyone will agree with me, but I truly think Shotwell is the best band playing in the bay area right now, and this album completely does them justice. I couldn’t be more happy with a record we’ve put out! Also, come to the house for the Record Release show on April 4th featuring Shotwell, Black Rainbow and Pink Elephants. Show starts at 6pm, all ages. Rock!

The records are avilable for Pre-order now!!!
All LPs and CD's will ship April 4th!!!!!!!

Shotwell - Patriot LP $9.00 (postage paid)

Shotwell - Patriot CD $9.00 (postage paid)

March 2nd, 2008
After only 2 and a half months we sold out the Onion Flavored Rings 7" here at Thrillhouse. But while we're all out of them here, I think some of our distro's still have a few copies. If you're interested in picking up a copy I'd suggest going to No Idea / Revolver / Little Type / Fast Crowd / ADD / Alternative Tentacles / Dead Broke / Sound Idea / No Breaks / or Toxic Pop. Some where in there they should have copies. We will be makeing a new batch here soon but the covers may or may not be hand screened as the first ones were. I'm not sure exactly what we're doing.

Febuary 26th, 2008
So we're on the last leg of putting together the Shotwell "Patriot" LP/CD. This is really cool for us here at Thrillhouse cause not only is this the first duel format release we've ever done, but it's also one of the best records I've ever heard. We've set a date for the Record Release show here for April 4th. Save the date if you're going to be in the Bay Area cause this is going to be a kick ass show!

January 31st, 2008

If you havn't checked out the new issue of MRR you should. There is a big article on Thrillhouse in there. Well more of an interview with a bunch of people who volunteer here. Its pretty cool. In other news, we just got the SHOTWELL Patriot LP test pressing today! It sounds amazing, I'm soooooooooo stoked on it. We'll post more information as it gets closer to being all ready, there's still a crapload of things we need to do. Lastly we're about half way done with screen printing the covers for the 2nd pressing of Dory Tourette and the Skirtheads LP. Its going to be limited to 300 hand screened 6 color covers. All made by your's truely in the Thrillhouse basement (so expect alot of fuck-ups, I've never screen printed before). And who knows, this edition might even have an insert, but no lyrics, that will never happen.

December 17th, 2007
Onion Flavored Rings

The new Onion Flavored Rings 7" just arrived today and its really awesome! 7 song concept record. Its blowing my mind right now. These are probably some of the best OFR songs I've heard yet! If your reading this in December and you live in the Pacific Northwest, you might be able to see OFR, they just left for a week tour with Tulsa. I'm not sure what else to say about this record, I've drank too much coffee and this record has totally left me speechless.

October 25th, 2007

It really pains me to say but our friend Dory Tourette passed away on Monday morning. Don't really know what to say. You were loved and we'll miss you. Rest in peace friend.

October 24th, 2007
Love Songs - Hot Buns

Just found out today that the new Love Songs - Hot Buns 7" is going to be arriving here at Thrillhouse on this Tuesday. Man oh man I am so stoked. Love Songs is literally one of my favorite bands of all time. Before I had this store and label take over all my free time, I would seriously go to every show these guys played in the Bay Area. And they played at least one show almost every weekend. Furthermore, this 7" has two of the best songs I've ever heard from them, Side A will make you pee your pants, really. Its also coming out just in time to be on sale at Love Songs' 10th annual "International Porn Star Nuts Day" or IPSN Day, which will be taking place at the Eagle Tavern on November 15th with: Love Songs, La Plebe, Boom Boom Kid and Manville. Should be an awesome show! Also we're going to have an Aftershave Party at Thrillhouse on November 16th with Love Songs, Manville, and a few others. Dang, what a cool weekend!

In other news, the new Onion Flavored Rings 7" is getting mastered and sent to the plant this week, so we should be having that out by the time they go on tour in December. Also in the next week or two we'll be sending out the Shotwell - Patriot LP off to be mastered.