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As you may have guessed this website is meant to represent both the physical record store we have on Mission street and the record label we run out of the same building. And as it turns out most of this website is dedicated to the record label. Thats because you can actully come in and visit the store, you don't need the internet for that. So come on over and drop by! But if you're visiting this website to get some information about the store, here's some things to know...

-We're a not-for-profit record store

-Most, but not all, records in the store are what most would consider "punk". We also carry some underground Metal, Grunge, Garage, Rock n Roll, Indie, get the idea.

-The majority of our records are vinyl, but we do have some CDs, tapes and some zines. Buy your MRR's here!

-We're CASH only, don't take credit cards, cause fuck man, we don't need to be giving those credit card company fools our money!

-We try really hard to support local music

-We only buy records through independent distributors. And we never buy Major Label. We are working to support our community, not rich white dudes with corprate intrests.

-We're all volunteer run. So if you stop by and the stores locked up...sorry about that. Bare with us, the person working that shift is probably on tour, studying for a test, or too high to remember which day of the week it is

Hope to see ya'll soon!